Our Team


Katherine Hill

Katherine Hill is an international figure skating choreographer and communications consultant. After time in management consulting with Accenture, the tech startup world, and multi-national coaching for National and Olympic level figure skaters, Katherine works to bring performance skills to business teams. As the co-director of Design for Dance - a conference at the intersection of dance and behavior change- she is passionate about the importance of physical movement as a means to spur creative thinking and the power behind non-verbal communication.

Robin Zander

Robin is a best-selling author, educator and strategist. With a diverse background ranging from management consulting to the circus, he has spent his career working with individuals and companies to improve performance. As part of his own efforts to better understand self-organization and leadership, he founded “Robin’s Cafe at ODC” - a café and gallery in the heart of the Mission District in San Francisco.

Robin speaks nationally including engagements at Stanford University, Kaiser Permanente, and Singularity University. As a self-taught dancer, Robin has performed on national stages, including with the San Francisco Opera. Through his podcast The Robin Zander Show he interviews exceptional performers from areas as diverse as the arts, technology, and healthcare to understand how individuals and organizations can accelerate performance.

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Ayries Blanck

Ayries is a web designer, curator, and artist. She has worked in many diverse fields from sales and event management while living in New York City, to full system landscape design and urban garden creation in Los Angeles. Currently she splits her time between working with Responsive LLC and working as a youth councilor at a Therapeutic Wilderness Boarding School in Whitefish, Montana, where she lives. Her studies of Environmental Science and International Relations led her to explore the intersection between human systems, culture, behavioral psychology, and using biological templates as lens to build better more efficient thrivable human systems. She considers herself a connector and builder of bridges between diverse groups of people or seemingly opposite ideas. She is an avid traveler, backcountry enthusiast, dancer, nomad, and lover of all things wild and free. 

Mark McBeth is a photography, videography, and ethnography. He provides visual media services for movement, theater & performance makers. He currently lives in San Francisco, California

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